Finally! In October, the World Choir Games are officially coming to Flanders. And we are hoping to see you there, too!

During this 11th edition, the World Choir Games will have a lot in store again. Would you like to make your voice heard in the competitions together with other singers from all parts of the world? Or would you rather experience the Games in a different manner? There's a myriad of ways in which you can take part in the WCG! Vocal ensemble Duartes will tell you all about how you can participate in this unique event:

In what ways can I experience the WCG?

I want to participate in the competitions

Are you ready to meet choirs from all over the world and sing your heart out on stage? Then the competitions are the perfect place for you. According to the level your choir would like to present itself in, you can either sing in the Champion Competitions or the Open Competitions. It's not too late to sign up yet, so don't hesitate and head over to the site!

I want to participate with my choir or alone in another way

Are you also looking forward to the Games, but would you rather partake in another way? That's perfectly possible! Besides the competitions, there will be a variety of other activities to attend as well. In our workshops, famous names from Belgium ánd abroad will be sharing their expertise. There will also be countless concerts to attend: live an unforgettable musical experience at our Friendship or Gala Concerts or come cheer for your favourite choirs in the Competition Concerts. On top of that, you will be able to join musical walks in which certified guides will uncover all of the musical secrets of our host cities Ghent and Antwerp.

I want to participate remotely

Are you unable to visit one of our host cities? No worries, you will still be able to experience the Games online with our Virtual Village! Forge new friendships with singers from other countries, watch concerts via livestream or partake in our interactive workshops!

Safety First

Your safety is our priority, which is why Koor&Stem and INTERKULTUR are doing everything in their power to organise the event in the safest conditions, in accordance with the present COVID-19 measures at that time.

International Encounters

The coronavirus has put the international character of the WCG under pressure, but we are still expecting a multitude of international choirs, so there will be plenty of opportunities to see them at work or even meet with them.

If you would like more information about the practicalities of the festival, you can always send an email to

30 oktober tot 7 november 2021, Vlaanderen

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