B21 NL10 Utrecht Travel Singers

Utrecht Travel Singers


Land: Nederland
Dirigent: Ines Leijen


The “Utrecht Travel Singers” choir was founded in 2008 and originates from the city of Utrecht (the Netherlands). It is a mixed amateur choir with about 30 members. Most of them are singing weekly in other choirs, but a few times a year UTS-members meet to participate in short choral projects (e.g. on less known Christmas songs, Caucasian music, etc.).

The choir was founded and is conducted by Mrs Ines Leijen. She studied at the music conservatory in Utrecht and is conductor of various choirs. Besides she is musical arranger and saxophonist in the salsa-, jazz- and Balkan idiom.

A main activity of UTS comprises the foreign choral trip, which is made every two years. The choir stays a week in another country to learn more about its musical culture. Further these visits are aimed at choral training with choral experts, learning of new repertoire and meet or perform with a local choir in the host country. So far choral trips have been made to Slovenia (2008), Macedonia (2009), Armenia (2011), Bulgaria (2013), Georgia (2015), Albania (2017) and Ukraine (2019).

The choral programme of the “Utrecht Travel Singers” contains some Dutch songs, but in particular choral music from many other countries and in various styles. The choir further tries to integrate traditional and modern songs from the host country. Most songs of UTS repertoire are performed a capella, some with accompaniment.

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