B21 B027 Showkoor Rise Up

Showkoor Rise Up

Champions Competitie - Galaconcert - 12 - Jazz & Popkoren

Land: België
Dirigent: Karin Lauwers


  • For girls between 14 and 25 and gives them all opportunities to develop not only their musicals kills, but also to develop self-confidence. Currently the choir has 40 members.
  • Show choir is not just a choir, it's so much more: dancing, theatre, artistic choreography, flashy clothes and colourful spotlights. The repertoire consists of real show choir songs, pop music and musical.
  • Rise Up performs its own show every year and is regularly asked for guest performances. They regularly participate in competitions and festivals at home and abroad. The general leadership is still in the hands of founder Karin Lauwers, the choreography, dance and presentation is the work of Sander Camps from dance studio ODACS from Overpelt.
  • In the summer of 2018, they participated in the open competition of the World Choir Games in Tswane, South-Africa. They won 2 golden diplomas and were category winner in the category Showchoirs, as well as Female choirs.
  • In the summer of 2019, they participated in the champion’s competition of the European Choir Games in Gothenburg, Sweden. The won a golden medal and were category winner in the category pop, jazz and showchoirs.


  • Dream On - Steven Tyler, arr. Mark Brymer

  • Glorious - Stephanie Mabey, arr. Masa Fukuda

  • Believer - Imagine Dragons, arr. Marlou Vriens

  • The Greatest Show - Benj Pasek, Justin Paul, arr. Mark Brymer

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