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Open Competitie - Gemengde vocale ensembles & kamerkoren

Land: België
Onder leiding van: Elsi Spanoghe & Sander Hendrickx


Qui-Vive starts out as “Small choir Desselgem”in 1989, as a spin-off from the “Singhet Vro” choir. Eager for adifferent repertoire, some youngsters founded the “small choirDesselgem”.

Withits first (and for 30 years without interruption) conductor GeertAnckaert, the “small choir Desselgem” gradually evolves into afour-part mixed chamber choir. In 2008 it gets its current nameQui-Vive.

Qui-Viveembraces experiments with most varied genres. On a regular basis,Qui-Vive organises an original and quirky music event in which themusical aspect is thematically elaborated. Thus an old barn wastransformed into a concert hall for their ninth anniversary (9=9). New Orleans jazz resounded on a freight ship on the Leie (Across theCreek). In an old electricity factory they brought an ode to theFlemish polyphonist and contemporary Flemish composers (In Transfo). On 11/11/11 the choir sang cheerful jazz numbers in a grand spectaclenamed Jazz not war. In may 2012 the reception hall “‘tFonteintje” in Beveren-Leie resounded with Canción de la Fiesta,a Spanish music fest in collaboration with the guitar duo “Flâmas”. The coffee concert Vive le dessert was highly consumed. Anothercollaboration with percussionists revealed the concert Songs andBeats.

Togetherwith other choirs and ensembles Qui-Vive elaborates concerts thatrequire a larger occupation : the “Requiem” of Mozart, the“Requiem” of Fauré, the “Chichester psalms” by Bernstein,Vivaldi’s “Gloria” and “symphony of trees” by Piet Swerts.

In2006, Qui-Vive is selected for the renewed West Flemish choircompetition to appear in the final round. And also in 2010 theyobtain a place in the selection of this choir festival. With thehelp of the province, Qui-Vive is looking for new boundaries.

Inthe fall of 2012 Qui-Vive organizes an original and successfulrecruitment campaign to attract basses and tenors. In the spring of2013 Qui-Vive is invited by the Dutch city of Valkenburg. Along with“One2Sing” they sang at a holy mass, and also gave a playfuloutdoor performance.

In2014, at their 25thanniversary, Qui-Vive celebrates and sings in style with many formermembers. The choir is solemnly honoured by the council of culture oftheir home town Waregem. And as icing on the cake of theiranniversary year 2014, Qui-Vive reaches the finals of the choircompetition of West Flanders, thanks to a successful auditionconcert.

Inthe spring of 2018, after 30 years, Qui-Vive says goodbye to theirconductor Geert Anckaert by means of a fittingly beautiful farewellconcert. Now, Qui-vive is lead by two conductors into a new era :Elsi Spanoghe, a professional soprano, with abundant vocal skills,and Sander Hendrickx, a conductor with an extensive choir experience,combine their complementary assets to discover new horizons in thewonderful world of choir music.


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