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Popkoor Ioca

Open Competitie - 12 - Jazz & Popkoren

Land: België
Dirigent: Renaat Deckers & Joris Demetsenaere


Popkoor ioca has been born on 20 November 2009.
The last decade the choir consisting of at approximately fourty members said ‘yes!’ to every opportunity that did come along. It was a lovely voyage full of special moments of singing, laughter and friendship. We are grateful that we could perform on a lot of stages throughout the country, that we had the opportunity to sing with great musicians and famous singers and that we made a lot of fun. We are a popchoir, so of course we sing popmusic that you can hear on a daily basis on the radio, from Queen, to Muse, over Ed Sheeran and Coldplay. And we truly, madly love it!

We rehearse in a small town called Oelegem. It is a green village filled with tranquility nearby Antwerp. We have two conductors: Renaat en Joris. They are full of ambition and skilled with music. And probably you can guess,… Yes, we love it!


  • The Kingdom - Milow, arr. Joris Demetsenaere

  • Believer - Daniel Reynolds, arr. Fien Bombeke

  • Bad Guy - Finneas Baird, Billie Eilish, arr. André Bachmann

  • Daft Punk Medley - Thomas Bangalter, et al., arr. Dan Satter

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