B21 GR02 2 Mixed Choir Maria Callas

Vocal Ensemble Maria Callas - Alumni Association

Champions Competitie - Vriendschapsconcert - 3 - Gemengde Vocale Ensembles & Kamerkoren

Land: Griekenland
Dirigent: Nikolaos Prigkas


The Mixed Youth Choir of Music School of Kalamata was founded by Nikolaos Prigkas with 38 students (boys and girls) in 2013. Always learning new music, the Choir’s repertoire is extensive and continually expanding. Apart from Greek composers, it also performs pieces of Classical and Jazz music.

What makes this Choir unique, is the fact that it is the only youth mixed choir in Greece that has taken part in all three previous International Competitions of Interkultur in Kalamata and has been awarded with one Silver (2015) and two Gold (2017, 2019) Diplomas. The Choir’s last gold-awarded participation (2019) provides it with a five-year lasting ticket to take part in any European or International choir competition, as well as the World Choir Games.

Nowadays, the choir has transformed into a Mixed Vocal Ensemble consisting of 10 graduates who perform a capella repertoire.
In November 2021, the Ensemble intends to compete in the 11th World Choir Games in Flanders, Belgium.


  • 8 Songs from the Dodekanes - 1. To xypnima tou gambrou, 2. Tragoudi tou gamou - Giannis Konstantindis

  • Chansons françaises - 1. Margoton va t'a l'iau, 7. Ah! Mon beau laboureur - Francis Poulenc

  • A tu lado - Javier Busto

  • Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day

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