JiangSu Centre for the Performing Arts Children's Choir

Open Competitie - 1 - Kinderkoren

Land: China


  • JiangSu Centre for the Performing Arts Children’s Choir was formally established in 2019. Based on the platform and resource advantages of the JiangSu Centre for the Performing Arts (JSCPA), it takes the cultivation of children's art talents as the guidance to explore and cultivate excellent art seedings, so as to meet the diversified artistic growth needs of minors.
  • Since its establishment, it has received on-site teaching guidance from famous experts, artists, and conductors, such as Prof. Wu Lingfen, who is the vice President of the Chinese Choir Association, and latvian conductor and artistic director of many choir competitions Assoc. Prof. Romāns Vanags.
  • Through professional music training and art edification, JiangSu Centre for the Performing Arts Children’s Choir commit to lead interests and improves children's skills for music performance and artistic aesthetics;
  • On June 1, 2019, under the JiangSu Provincial Taiwan Affairs Office’s leadership, the new TaiBei Municipal Woods High School and AnKang High school of Taiwan performed with JiangSu Centre for the Performing Arts Children’s Choir at concert "Classical charm and contemporary glory, music and joy intergrate on both sides". On November 24, 2019, choir participated in the Mariinsky opera "Parsifal" led by Valery Gergiev, undertook the Children's Choir part of the opera, and was recognized by the director, conductor and soloists.


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