B21 B089 Jeugdkoor K Di

Jeugdkoor K!Di

Open Competitie - 2 - Jeugdkoren - 11 - Jazz & Popensembles

Land: België
Dirigent: Fabienne Kortooms


"K!Di - Children's Choir Dilsen was founded in September 2009, with then a total of 18 singing children. Soon the singing virus struck and the choir was split into elementary school (K!DZ) and high school students (T!ENZ) in January 2011. The T! ENZ grew into a friendly group of friends that was constantly being supplemented with children who made the transition from the children's choir and also the occasional 'loose' teenager who found his way to the choir.

The T! ENZ find challenges in singing polyphonically and further discovering their voice, they are a group that the smaller children look up to tremendously. Singing together is central to K!Di, young and old alike, during our concerts we often sing half of the repertoire together. This strength and the pleasure of being together is also reflected in our annual choir camp where singing takes a back seat and we mainly enjoy a super fun weekend together. The helping crew and the organization ofactivities by the Youth Work are the solid core of the choir, so we really speak of a big K!

K!Di grows along with its singers and so in January 2018 we decided to make another split with our 18+ group; NeXT. They have been singing together in our choir for many years and it is not only heard but felt. A group of young adults who enjoy singing and performing together, an outlet in life as a student."

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30 oktober tot 7 november 2021, Vlaanderen

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