Hngzyang na Matui & Nahuy (The Children's Choir of Jiaxing Elementary School)

Champions Competitie - 14 - Folklore met Begeleiding


  • “Hngzyang na Mahui & Natuy” means the voice of Matui and Natuy village’s children. The age of the students is between 6-12, and more than 96% of the students are Atayal children(the third-largest aboriginal group in Taiwan).
  • With the teachers’ dedication, the plenty musical courses have helped the students rediscover their own traditional culture and further appreciate the ancestors’ legacy by singing the Atayal folksongs and playing the tribal instruments.
  • children had participated in the Hsinchu County choir competitions from 2016 to 2018. Although the students had just accepted chorus training for only 4 years, they practiced hard and were not lucky to win the golden medal prize. Further more, the children went to Vienna to participate in the 31th Schubert Choir Competition in June 2018, and then went to Wernigerode, Germany to participate in the 11th Brahms Choir Competition in July 2019. In two years of participating in international choir competitions, the children won three Golden medals and tow Special Jury Prize. In addition, the students went on cultural exchange programs with other choirs, through which they were able to realize their true potentials and expand their horizons.

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  • World Ranking: 634/1000

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