Grupo Vocal Arsis Nova

Land: Argentinië
Dirigent: Graciela Beatriz Véspoli


  • Arsis Nova is an independent and self-managing group that has surpassed 27 years of uninterrupted work, with the same energy and enthusiasm that only the love for music can maintain.Argentine and Latin American popular music, jazz and, especially, tango are part of its extensive and large repertoire.
  • During its extensive career the group participated in numerous local and international festivals, such as:
  • 1994 Europe Cantat XII - Herning (Denmark) ; 2002/04/06 Choral Interpretation Contest of Folkloric and Popular Music of South America La Plata (Argentina); 2011 International Zango Festival - Haarlem (Holland); 2016 Santa Maria Choir Festival (Brazil); 2018 2nd. International Festival and Choir Competition Corfu 2018 - Corfu (Greece). Countless awards were received in the competitions in which it participated, such as the "Estrella de Mar "award (multiple times) and Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals in Interkultur International Competitions.


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  • World Ranking: 888/1000

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