Gospelchor Rejoice

Champions Competitie - 10 - Gospel & Spiritual

Land: Duitsland
Dirigent: Roland Orthaus


  • Since its founding, the choir has had about 80 active members who enjoy the lively nature of Gospel music and who are inspired by the message of Gospels and Spirituals. Due to active co-operation with various youth organisations, this choir consists of many different generations who all get on well with one and other. The choir is accompanied by the 'Rejoice Band' which is comprised of piano, drums, an electric bass, Hammond- organ and additional instruments when required.
  • The first tour of the Gospel Choir in 2009 touched 3000 viewers. The viewers were carried away with the emotional depth and fast paced pieces of the choir. The 80 singers are still well remembered. Two years of intensive work saw the successful completion of a very varied Spiritual and Gospel CD titled 'Celebrate'. This studio produced CD contains a selection of extremely varied tracks ranging from the deeply emotional to fast 'up beat' numbers.
  • Since 2004 choir sucesfully has participated in World Choir Games in Graz, Bremen, Cincinnati, Riga, receiving gold and silver medals.

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  • World Ranking: 733/1000

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30 oktober tot 7 november 2021, Vlaanderen

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