Gospelchor am Münster

Open Competitie - 11 - Jazz & Popensembles

Land: Zwitserland
Dirigent: Oliver Rudin


  • The Gospelchor am Muenster consists of singer the age of 18 to 35, who love to perform and make the audience feel our joy and emotions, which the music awakens in us. We are individuals that are brought together by music and the expression of freedom through it.
  • Choir performs a variation of songs. From Pop Hymns to folk/world music and even modern spirituals and traditional gospels.
  • The highlight of thechoir´s 14-year history started with their festival debut at the Baloîse Session in November 2014, where they got to perform with the american rockband “Foreigner” to the song: “I want to know what love is” and the concert tour through South Africa in 2015, where they were rewarded with a “Royal Award” for our intercultural dedication by king Mabhena of Pondoland.
  • After that choir had the chance to perform on stage at the Theater Basel with their production of Jesus Christ Superstar, from January to July 2016.

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30 oktober tot 7 november 2021, Vlaanderen

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