Gitabumi Voices

Champions Competitie - 11 - Jazz & Popensembles

Land: Indonesië
Dirigent: Tedy Eka Supriyandi


  • Gitabumi Voices was started from a group of 19 Junior High School Jakarta students, who formed a vocal group extracurricular in 2014.
  • Entering the 4th year, Gitabumi Voices began to be independent and its membership began to vary, from various ages and schools with their respective achievements, and began to study the genre of Pop & Jazz music more intensively.
  • Choir hast he following achievemnts: Silver Medal of Folklore category at BICF, Bali 2015; Silver Medal of the Show Choir category at BICF, Bali 2015; Silver Medal Folklore category at Fespas, Jakarta 2015; 3rd Winner of DKI Jakarta Province Level in the Appreciation and Art Competition of Tourism & Culture Office, Jakarta 2015; Silver Medal of Pop & Jazz category at BICF, Bali 2016; Gold Medal of Popular Choral Music category at Canta al Mar, Callela 2017; 1st Winner of Vocal Group category at Symphony of Archipelago, Jakarta 2018; Gold Diploma in Pop, Jazz, Show category, Winner of European Choir Games 2019, Open Competition at Gothenburg, Sweden; Gold Medal in Pop, Jazz, Show category, Winner of the Grand Prix of Nation 2019 at Gothenburg, Sweden


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  • World ranking: 113/1000

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