Folk Song Group "Jane"

Champions Competitie - 14 - Folklore met Begeleiding

Land: Kroatië
Dirigent: Ana Jaklinović


  • Group members are experienced singers and musicians who have been for many years active in several amateur folklore ensembles, and a couple of girls who sang in different choirs from the region of Zagreb County.The group has 25 members, including tamburitza players who accompany the singers on traditional Croatian instruments.
  • Songs in their repertoire encompass entire Croatia, and their interpretation emphasizes the great variety and wealth of traditional music expression of their homeland. They show great love and enthusiasm for Croatian cultural heritage and aim to protect traditional folk and church songs from oblivion. The group also performs more recent songs, written by the most eminent music composers of Croatia.
  • JANE proudly present Croatian customs all around the world. Their quality has been recognized by various traditional music specialists and earned JANE remarkable achievements, honors and awards in international and national competitions:
  • Since 2006 group regulary and successfully participates in national and internatational competitions with remarkable achievements, such as: gold medals in the World Choir Games in Riga (2014), Tshwane (2016), 4th Asia Pacific Choir Games Colombo (2017), 8th International Choirfestival ‘Isola Del Sole’ Grado (2016).

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  • World Ranking: 681/1000

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