B21 B026 Female Chamber Choir Caloroso

Female Chamber Choir Caloroso

Open Competitie - 4 - Vocale Ensembles & Kamerkoren met Gelijke Stemmen

Land: België
Dirigent: Jasmien Gys


The Vocaal Damesensemble Caloroso is one of the six choirs of the choir family of Caloroso. In 2010, the choir was founded as a project group to record a cd with unknown and new works of Flemish composers. The next project for the choir took place in 2012, when they sang a world premiere of 'Bestiarium', a piece from Maarten Van Ingelgem and Karel Van Marcke. It was only until 2017 when the damesensemble became a permanent choir, with rehearsals every week. That year, they sang during the 15 year jubilee of the International Arts Centre deSingel in Antwerp and in 2019 their first jury performance at 'Korenfestival Vlaanderen' was a fact. From then on they sang different world premieres during Christmas and spring concerts, organised by Caloroso vzw. In september 2020, Jasmien Gys became the conductor for the damesensemble, instead of Inge Sykora, founder of the Caloroso choir family. The World Choir Games in Flanders will be the first competition of the choir with its new conductor, although plans for the future are already being made!


  • Deep River - Trad. African-American Spiritual

  • A New Psalm - Ken Berg

  • Jesu Pie - Rudi Tas

  • Svatba - Hristo Todorov

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30 oktober tot 7 november 2021, Vlaanderen

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