Female Chamber Choir "Banjalucanke"

Champions Competitie - 9 - Musica Contemporanea (Hedendaagse Muziek)

Land: Bosnië en Herzegovina
Dirigent: Mladen Matović


  • With the tradition of 38 years, over one thousand concerts and performances at home and abroad, the choir became one of the most recognizable acts of the cultural scene of the region.
  • With its carefully selected program and continuous performances of diverse repertoire on highest artistic level, the choir achieved popularity with audience, as well as high esteem with domestic and international professional community.
  • Big change for the choir comes at the end of 2004, when Professor Mladen Matović becomes its artistic director. He brought different and more ambitious approach, with aspiration to present choirs abilities as soon as possible to the most important international choral competitions.
  • In period from 2008 and 2017, female chamber choir “Banjalucanke” accomplished most important results in its history by winning a great number of significant awards and accolades home and abroad, among them gold medals are Gold medals in World choir Games in Riga, Sochi, Tshwane, and other competitions.


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  • World Ranking: 119/1000

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