Estonian National Girls' Choir LEELO

Land: Estland
Dirigent: Külli Kiivet


  • Choir is formed by girls, age 15-27, with good vocal and sheet-reading skills. Girls come together from all over Estonia and therefore choir rehearsals are held 6-8 times a year in various places of Estonia and rehearsals last for 3 days. Almost each of the practice session is finished with a concert at local cultural facility with local choirs or artists.
  • Main purpose of the choir is to make possible for girls, from smaller and bigger places in Estonia to learn and perform more complex music that it would be possible in local choirs.
  • Choir’s repertoire consists of classics of choral music from Estonia and abroad, choir is working with different composers and perform the newest choral music. By the years, choir has participated in several competitions (Estonia, Russia, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Greece, and Austria) and has gained high ranks
  • In 2014, the choir won the Grand Prix and 1st prizes in modern and folk music at the Singing World competition in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 2017, the choir won two gold medals, European Champions title and the Grand Prix of Nations I the category folk with accompaniment at the 3rd European Choir Games and Grand Prix of Nations in Riga. In 2018, the choir won the Grand Prix, 1st prize and golden medal in female choirs and 3rd place and golden medal in folk music at the 2nd Corfu International Choir


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  • World ranking: 80/1000

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