Dolphin Hearing Disabled Children's Choir

Open Competitie - 1 - Kinderkoren - 14 - Folklore met Begeleiding

Land: China
Dirigent: Ruxin Zhang


  • Dolphin Hearing Disabled Children’s Choir consists of over 30 hearing-impaired children with cochlear implants, parents and volunteer teachers. It is the first and only choir with hearing-impaired children in the world.
  • Established in 2014, with the tenet of “Scientific Rehabilitation, Artistic Cultivation, Personality Nourishment, Destiny Alteration”, the choir strives to help children recover from hearing loss through choral education.
  • In July 2016, the choir took part in the 9th World Choir Games in Sochi, Russia and won the Silver Medal of the Category of Scenic Folklore in the Open Competition. Choir was also awarded a special “Friendship and Peace Award” by the World Choir Games.In July 2017, the choir won the Silver Diploma of the Category of Folklore in the 10th International Johannes Brahms Choir Festival & Competition 2017 in Wernigerode, Germany. In July 2018, the choir took part in the “2018 Belt and Road world choir festival” in Hong Kong and won the Gold Medal which is the Category Champion of the Folklore Show Choir.


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30 oktober tot 7 november 2021, Vlaanderen

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