Detsky Khor MEZ Krasnodar

Land: Rusland
Dirigent: Eugenia Zhukova


  • Established in 1980 as the children's choir of Krasnodar Television and Radio by Margarita Ambartsumyan and Valentina Ligostaeva, who united two children's choral studios.
  • Over the years, the choir made its way from a small children's group to a well-known concert choir in Russia, on whose account there are victories in prestigious competitions and participation in significant international events.
  • The concert programs of the Choir include works of Russian and European sacred music, works of classics, folk songs, works of contemporary Russian and foreign authors.
  • The concert choir of Krasnodar City «MEZ» achieved world recognition at the World Choir Games: in 2004 in Germany; in 2008 in Austria, in 2010 in China; in 2012 in Cincinnati, the USA; in 2014 in Latvia; in 2016 Sochi, Russia; in 2018 Tshwane, South Africa; in 2019 participated in Choir Festival in Harbin, China. It has solid experience in participating in international programs. The choir and its soloists performed at concert venues in Austria, Armenia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Belarus, Germany, Holland, China, Poland, the USA, Ukraine, France, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland.


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  • World Ranking: 270/1000

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