Coro Juvenil del Conservatorio Superior José Maria Rodriguez

Champions Competitie - 9 - Musica Contemporanea (Hedendaagse Muziek) - 14 - Folklore met Begeleiding


  • Priest José Castellví Queralt in 1986 had the initiative to create a Children's Choir to inspire musical development in the National Conservatory "José María Rodríguez" of Cuenca.
  • The Youth Choir is the result of an evolutionary process of the children's choir, and new members who have gone through an audition process, the members have a formative development through vocal technique and body expression.
  • the Coro Juvenil del Conservatorio Superior “José María Rodríguez” is a benchmark, as far as academic music is concerned; currently the choir is formed by 46 singers, who have achieved a significant vocal coupling that makes them ambassadors of their hometown, Cuenca.
  • The Coro Juvenil del Conservatorio Superior “José María Rodríguez” has participated in the World Choir Games in Riga - Latvia (2014), where it was awarded with a bronze medal in the Scenic Folklore Category. In 2018 the choir participated in the II International festival and Choir Contest of Corfú where it was awarded with a Golden and a Silver Diploma.

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  • World Ranking: 694/1000

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