Cor di Jëuni Gherdëina

Land: Italië
Dirigent: Samuel Runggaldier


  • The “Cor di Jëuni Gherdëina” was founded in 2009 with the idea of bringing together all the youth choirs from Val Gardena (South Tyrol, Italy) in one single choir in order to organize a big concert. After intense preparations, the choir finally performed in November 2009, and since it was a great success, two further concerts.
  • Choir had the unique opportunity to meet the “Akustika Chamber Singers” from South Africa and as a consequence, they developed a friendship with their conductor, Christo Burger. In 2011 they invited Christo to their valley, where they were given the opportunity to attend a one- week workshop with him, concluding the week with two concerts. On this occasion choir recorded the second live CD.
  • Choir has participated in numerous competitions, and has always brought home golden diplomas and medals - World Choir Games 2014 in Riga, Latvi - gold medal in the category “Spirituals”. "Canta al Mar" in Calella in 2016 a golden diploma in the category "Mixed Choirs". "Laurea Mundi Budapest" in 2018 in Hungary and was awarded the diploma LAUREA SUMMA CON LAUDE in two categories. In addition, our conductor Samuel Runggaldier was awarded with the "SPECIAL PRIZE for outstanding achievement as a conductor".


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  • World Ranking: 552/1000

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