Choeur La Grace de Kinshasa

Land: Democratische Republiek Congo


  • Created in 1985, Chœur La Grace is composed in majority of choir leaders. Official choir of Congolese Academia of Choral Music, this choir has influenced several choirs and has contributed to the awakening of the choral movement in the Democatic Republic of the Congo by valuing Congolese traditional and contemporary songs.
  • With its 275 performances around the world and its participation in 35 International Choral Festivals such as the World Symposium of choral music in 2005 (Kyoto, Japan) as official representative of Africa, the group gained international notoriety. La Grace has performed in 105 cities in Europe, Africa and Asia. The choir sings in 26 african languages and is recognized by many choral music experts as one of the choir that can give a good overview of African choral music.
  • First prize at the Festival Elanga (2010) of the Congolese Federation of choral music, 1st prize of the Gospel Day choral competition, one of the biggest in DRC, in the category Gospel folk (2014), winner of two African trophies at Lomé (2013). Chœur La Grace has several times represented the DRC and Africa in prestigious international festivals.


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