Children's Choir of Music School of Athens

Champions Competitie - 1 - Kinderkoren

Land: Griekenland
Dirigent: Nikolaos Prigkas


  • The Children's Choir of the Athens Music School was created one year after its foundation in October 2017. It consisted of 40 students (25 girls and 15 boys) from the 1st Class of Secondary School.In October 2018, the choir changed its shape by adding 20 girls, developing itself into a new choir of equal voices consisting of 45 girls in total (30 girls from the 2nd Grade, 10 from the 1st Grade and 5 girls from the 3rd Grade of Secondary School).
  • During this first two-year period, the orientation and main goal of the Choir was to cover a wide repertoire from a variety of different countries and to delve into a capella works.
  • In October 2019, the Choir participated in the 3rd Kalamata Choir Competition and Festival of Interkultur and was awarded with a Golden Diploma (Winner of Category). It is the first time that a children’s choir coming from a Greek Public Music School has participated and received a Golden Diploma.

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  • World Ranking: 339/1000

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