Academic Choir "A posteriori"

Land: Rusland
Dirigent: Daniil Kuchma


  • The choir “A Posteriori” was created in 2014 and brought together people of various specialties - economists, linguists, lawyers who wanted to sing a variety of music: from gospels and modern treatments to baroque and sacred music.
  • In its desire to share the love of music with those around “A Posteriori”, the choir always willingly went beyond the competition venues. The collective took part in the musical life of the city of Moscow: the choir performed at the "City Day" of Moscow several times, participated in different kinds of flash mobs, took part in the annual project "The Parks Sing",
  • The wide coverage of musical interests, individual vocal work with each singer, the versatile and creative approach of the leaders and the enthusiasm of amateur choristers became the key to intensive and fruitful work. A year after its creation, in May 2015, the choir received the Grand Prix in the competition “Crystal Chapel”. In 2016 “A Posteriori” won a gold medal at the World Choir Games in Sochi. In 2018 the group held a series of outstanding performances at such contests as “Freckle” in Yaroslavl and “Choir Spring” in Moscow.


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  • World Ranking: 792/1000

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