Experience the WCG!

Virtual Village

Welcome to our virtual village, which is filled with music, song, and smiling faces.

If you thought that the World Choir Games 2021 were done: think again! We are taking our slogan “Sing together, share happiness” to the next level.

After all, we still have our digital host: the Virtual Village!

It’s a fantastic, lively, and pleasant place. Not only can you rewatch all the competitions taking place in Antwerp and Ghent online; you can also participate in workshops and attend the ceremonies again.

The fun, the songs, the music, and the connection with like-minded folk is still available to you. All you have to do is click once and register!

And best of all: the Virtual Village is completely free of charge.



30 october till 7 november 2021, Flanders

Sing together share happiness

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