Friday 10 September 2021

Choir rehearsal by Zoom? The Music Box makes it possible to sing in sync!

De World Choir Games (WCG) researches technological tools that can take care of a perfect harmony even though the singers are spread over different locations.

You've probably seen them in this pandemic: heartwarming clips like these. People sing away the lockdown blues – each from their own home, and yet in perfect harmony.

Such recordings are actually even more impressive than you imagine. It is a complicated feat to combine all these voices into one harmonious whole.

Try it at home: sing a light song with friends or colleagues by Zoom of Microsoft Teams. You'll easilt notice that the default online gathering tools are insufficient to make music in realtime in different locations.

Challenges for synchronous virtual singing

Why is it so much harder to have a virtual rehearsal than a virtual meeting? There are two reasons for that: bad audio quality and high latency.

Does it surprise you that even current meeting soft- and hardware still has such latency issues? That’s because usually it’s hard to notice if your friends easily are 40 miliseconds behind (and vice versa.) But in order to sing together without the entire effort turning into a hellish cacophony each delay of more than 10 miliseconds is already too much.

As such it’s hard for choirs and bands to rehearse virtually, en long distance concerts are completely out of the question.
 Unless technology can improve up to the necessary standards. And exactly that is where Imec and the World Choir Games are trying to make the difference.

Find out more during the World Choir Games!


30 october till 7 november 2021, Flanders

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