Celebration Concert

Country Belgium
Conductor Diederik Glorieux

Choir Description

Zimra is a concert choir for ladies who like to make music in a close, friendly atmosphere. The repertoire ranges from the most classical works to present-day and modern music. Home-grown composers are also deeply appreciated by the choir. The name ‘Zimra’ stands for ‘glorifying melody’. This title covers the full load: we love making music and we love letting the audience enjoy it. That doesn’t mean that the rehearsals are ever so serious. The occasional burst of laughter is a familiar sound ringing through the rehearsal room.

Our main focus is the vocal aspect. Our members are inspired and trained to sing in a way that empowers the health of the voice. This means that our conductor, Diederik Glorieux, aspires the members of the choir to sing at their best, but within the boundaries of their voices.

30 october till 7 november 2021, Flanders

Sing together share happiness

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